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(This is a work in progress)
The following NOTICE is given in good faith, with clean hands and to the best of my knowledge. Said NOTICE is given without intent to: intimidate, deceive, coerce or perpetuate any form of fraud.


JASEN TODD SMITH© is a Legal Fiction, and is a Debtor and Transmitting Utility, in relation to the Secured Party Creditor known as "Jasen-Todd: Smith" (Jasen-Todd of the family Smith). JASEN TODD SMITH© is separate and legally distinct from "Jasen-Todd: Smith". I, "Jasen-Todd" (Jasen-Todd of the family Smith), am a man standing on dry ground and in the common law, without the US, with all rights reserved, without prejudice (U.C.C. 1-207, 1-308), and my flag is the American peacetime flag. "Jasen-Todd: Smith" is not a surety, co-surety, nor an accommodation party, and any presumption of (or appearance to) the contrary is either mistaken, or fraudulent in nature.
(All associated "content" and the like are presumed to be a proper common law copyright, as they are a unique and original creation of my labor)
All Rights Reserved Without Prejudice By: Jasen-Todd (family Smith) American national, Secured Party Creditor

I Jasen-Todd, of the Smith family: Am a man of peace, Am not at war, Do not participate in any war (Declared, undeclared or otherwise)Am not a Lawyer, Am not a BAR Member (Member/associate of any so called British Accredited Registry,do not possess any formal education in the law, do not give Legal Advice

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